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Ekonomys Quotes: Troubleshooting

If all the steps on the Quick Start article have been achieved, you should have seen the Ekonomys Quotes displaying the default sample data in your site.

If the module it is not visible, please check if the module is enabled in the administrator section of your Joomla site.

If the module is visible, but no data is displayed, please follow the next steps:

  1. Set the module to Vertical style and Static mode
  2. Enable the Test Mode from module's configuration (see image)

The result of the functional module with the test mode ON can be seen in the right side module of this page.

If any other message is displayed, you should contact your server's administrator, reporting him any displayed error messages and/or links and see the access logs of the server for more details on the error reported.


The test mode script is executed each time the module is displayed. If the tests reveal no errors, the Test Mode should be set back to OFF to increase the speed of loading and avoid unnecessary traffic

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User Authentication

Use login details User: demo
Password: finance

to access users-portfolio User's Portfolio and see defined portfolios.

Create a new account to test online and manage your own portfolios

Unavailable for the moment
Unavailable for the moment

Quotes Troubleshooting

Test Mode ON

Connection to local server ... ok

Connection to Yahoo data server ... ok

This is a Quotes module with the test mode set to ON. If you see any error message when enabling test mode in your site, please check the security settings of your server and/or contact your network administrator.
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